Welcome to Osmosis, the platform that bridges today to tomorrow’s learning landscape.

Osmosis, simplified, is the movement of water and solutes from higher concentration to lower concentration till both sides of the membrane are equal in concentration. Like Osmosis, learning flows from a concentrated source of knowledge to individuals and organisations seeking to learn

Osmosis platform is the ‘membrane’ which is designed to facilitate learning equilibrium – equalising the one with knowledge with the one seeking ie peer to peer learning also known as paragogy. Osmosis platform lets the learner become the teacher and vice versa. It makes it possible for each one of us to direct our own learning. Each one of us is an essential part of a bigger whole learning ecosystem.

About Osmosis

We believe that learners should own their own learning plan and not be set back by one-sized fits-all structured training; that companies should collaborate and therefore benefit from shared learning and coaching of talents in a shared economy; that industry knowledge residing with those in the golden years should be passed down to improve the industry and to mentor future leaders. We are pioneering a virtual ecosystem where passionate domain experts with deep skills and experience can create and curate a wide range of authentic digital learning assets / artefacts that leverage data, technology and media to support self-directed learning (Heutagogy) and peer-to-peer Learning (Paragogy). Like a personal virtual performance support system, users can search for just-in-time [authenticated] answers or provide point-of-need answers to peers within specific domains.

We are solutioning for agile and adaptive learning to make business responsive to market challenges. We break down silos, and bring the knowledge directly ‘from the ground’ ie domain experts to the ‘pot’ where learning happens, at the point of need. We are the learning delivery service that makes workplace learning real and meaningful. We provide a well organised and personalised 24/7 learning library, with concierge support. We facilitate co-creation of learning assets [video, audio, ppt, html, doc, etc], which appeals to peer-to peer preferences.

We aggregate, curate and create / co-create micro learning assets. We emphasise the principle, ‘show us, not tell us’. We support all of the above with deep consulting experience. Eventually, Osmosis will evolve to be a complete ecosystem with job portal, webinars, coaching, competitions, etc.

A Quick Preview


ETANN Security Management Consultant Pte Ltd

We groom Security Guards who are elite, trustworthy, awe-inspiring, noble employees with a never-failing attitude.

Communicate to Learn to Communicate (c2l2c)

Information design, learning design, content design… are they different? Yes, they are different forms of communication that influence learning.

Project Management

Learn the key project management principles and share insights on how to manage projects and customers to bring intended outcomes with agility.

Your Personal Digital Library

This is a growing digital library with aggregated, curated and newly created learning assets on specific domain areas. Search for the many different types of assets (ppt, doc, pdf, html, mp4, jpg, jif and etc.) with and annotate, bookmark, share or create a new version to challenge the original version. You have a personal dashboard to keep track of your work and provide evidenced base learning

Upload and Share Assets

This is your learning space, a sandbox, where you are more than a passive consumer of information. We encourage you to be an active contributor to this space so that your talent is shared and challenged at the same time. Your contributions will always be attributed to you. We respect creations and ownership.

Interact with Fellow Learners

Learning is so much better when you do it with friends. Get actively involved in community discussions and join events

Our Team

  • Kau Poh Moi

    The Osmosis learning virtual ecosystem is Poh Moi’s brainchild since 2001. Back then, she created her own desktop client application called Communication Design. Access was given to her clients when they sign up for Learning Design training. One of the swf clips won the Most Engaging e-learning Experience Award at the Online Learning Conference 2002. Subsequently, she created another web version, c2l2c.org [Communicate to Learn to Communicate] for apprentices in her programme.

    The current Osmosis platform is the ‘futurised’ version of her vision, having taken feedback from more than 100 users of the 2 previous versions. She has also brought her observations from the years of experience, being in the learning industry since 1980. She has a basic degree in Biology [Singapore], Masters in HRD [Virgina] and Masters in Educational Communication and Technology [NYU, New York].

    In Osmosis, Poh Moi drives the solution and vision. While helming the influence on learning architect and development solutions, she is also involved in most aspects of the Osmosis’ operations – documentation, processes, quality, networking with potential clients, creation of marketing content, liaison with government agencies, etc. Poh Moi https://www.linkedin.com/in/pohmoi-kau-51aa1b/

  • Andrea Foo

    Andrea has been in the IT industry since the 1990s and started out in Consulting and running Professional Services and Training organisations. Most recently, she has also been in transformative roles in various international and local banks in Singapore.

    Data and analytics have been key in her past roles and have been critical in driving strategy and execution, and in the feedback of progress and results. The appropriate use of both technology and the type of information are crucial.

    Andrea brings with her the experience of how data and analytics can be used in Operational transformation from her banking roles, as well as her technical experience with developing and deploying ETL, Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse solutions.

    In Osmosis, Andrea serves as an advisor on the data and analytics design and application.